| Ringvorlesung | The Quantum Age
The Quantum Age
2. Mai 2022

The Quantum Age

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem bidt veranstaltet die Fakultät für Informatik der TU München eine öffentliche Ringvorlesung zum Thema Digitalisierung. Betrachtet werden soll das Thema aus der Perspektive unterschiedlicher Disziplinen, um so ein übergreifendes und interdisziplinäres Verständnis der Materie zu erzielen. In dieser Sitzung spricht Prof. Chris Hoofnagle (UC Berkeley).

Quantum technologies have provided capabilities that seem strange, are powerful, and at times, frightening. These capabilities are so different from our conventional intuition that they seem to ride the fine border between science fiction and fantasy. Yet some quantum technologies can be commercially purchased today, and more are just around the corner.
In Law and Policy for the Quantum Age (Cambridge University Press, 2022), Chris Hoofnagle and Simson Garfinkel explain the genesis of quantum information science and the development of related technologies: quantum sensing, computing, and communication. The book uses scenario analysis to consider four futures for quantum technologies. Hoofnagle will discuss the areas where quantum technologies are likely to shape current technology policy problems and the areas where new challenges will arise.