| Promovierende | Demystifying buzzwords and learning how to use them
bidt Graduate Center für Promovierende
10. Mai 2023 - 11. Mai 2023
CAIS, Zoom

Demystifying buzzwords and learning how to use them

QPD-Modul 4: Agiles Forschen

What are design thinking, scrum, design sprints, lean startup and agile project management? Which aspects of them can I use in my academic work? How can I adopt them productively and purposefully for my individual research project?

Digitalisation research as a dynamic field needs interdisciplinarity and participatory forms of work that allow both focused work and quality, as well as adaptivity, to enable social relevance when combined.

With a certain proximity to the content of Module 3 on co-creative knowledge production, Module 4 of the qualification programme introduces and reflects on various approaches to agile research. The challenges of rapid social changes and complex interdependencies of different topics and fields of action are met in a non-scientific context with approaches of agile project management and related methods, among others. Terms such as “Design Thinking”, “Design Sprint”, “Scrum” and “Lean Startup” are often used in this context. In the course “Agile Research 101”, we will take a closer look at these concepts, get to know their central aspects and test together how they can be applied to academic work. The focus is on approaches to iterative and participatory research.

The knowledge imparted in the course not only gives a comprehensive insight into different, alternative working approaches and their concrete application in the scientific context. In addition, the joint work in the course trains competences such as reflexivity, tolerance of ambiguity, analogy building and adopting perspectives, which are important prerequisites for successful interdisciplinary work.

The various terms and concepts of agile methods (see above) are clarified and differentiated from each other. Subsequently, their transferability to research is taught. In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to try out these approaches themselves and apply them to their individual research context under supervision.

The event offers an alternating mix of active and passive elements and integrates classic seminar as well as agile workshop approaches to be able to practice the theoretical knowledge directly.

Teilnahme: Die Veranstaltung ist ein Angebot für Mitglieder des Graduate Center für Promovierende.

Samuel Simon works at CAIS in the area of the research incubator, where he is involved in the development and implementation of innovative structures for interdisciplinary collaboration in digitisation research and the identification of relevant research topics. In doing so, he draws on professional experience in the areas of service design, design thinking and agile innovation, as well as practical knowledge in the conception and implementation of workshop formats. His main areas of interest are participatory digital culture and ethical design.