| Fachkonferenz | Conference “Vectors of Data Disclosure”
Conference “Vectors of Data Disclosure”
27. Juni 2022 - 28. Juni 2022
Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BAdW)

Conference “Vectors of Data Disclosure”

To conclude the first half of the project, the conference “Vectors of Data Disclosure” will present interim results as well as obtain input, feedback, and suggestions for the remaining part of our project.

The research project Vectors of Data Disclosure – A comparative study on the disclosure of personal data from the perspectives of legal, cultural studies, and business information systems research is dedicated to the framework – be it the regulatory context (in depth and in width), personal biases and experiences, social conventions or dependencies – that influence one’s decision to disclose personal data. An interdisciplinary research team, therefore, combines insights from three disciplines (cultural studies, law, and business information systems). The associated questions are tackled empirically-comparatively and in an international context. For this purpose, we look into eight divergent legal and cultural contexts (Brazil, China, European Union, Ghana, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States of America).

We are already looking forward to exciting insights from, among others, Professor Dr Hanna Krasnova (University of Potsdam), Professor Dr Lothar Determann (Baker McKenzie / FU Berlin), Professor Normann Witzleb (The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Monash University Australia), Professor Jens Großklags, PhD (Technical University of Munich), Professor Lemi Baruh (Koc Univeritsy) and Professor Dr Sabine Trepte (University of Hohenheim).