| Veranstaltungen | QPD | AI visions: understanding how artificial intelligence is culturally imagined
AI visions: understanding how artificial intelligence is culturally imagined
19. September 2024 - 20. September 2024

AI visions: understanding how artificial intelligence is culturally imagined

Modul 1: Basiswissen Digitalisierungsforschung; Vertiefung


Artificial intelligence (AI) narratives shape public perceptions, expectations, and fears by providing answers to the questions: What is AI capable of? What is its nature? How does and how will it develop? How AI is imagined and presented has real consequences: certain visions may lead to favorable policymaking and investments, spark consumers’ interest and demand, or, on the contrary, hinder technology acceptance. This workshop discusses the processes of construction and negotiation of AI narratives across various loci. We will look into the cultural contexts of AI technologies and their representation in media, politics, and popular culture.

Participants will gain insights into the factors contributing to and the potential impact of specific AI imaginaries. Through discussions and interactive sessions, participants will develop the skills to critically analyze current AI visions and potentially challenge dominant narratives, supporting counternarratives that reflect diverse perspectives and experiences. This workshop empowers participants to navigate the evolving discourse surrounding AI with greater awareness and equips them with conceptual and methodological means to examine how AI is presented.


As a final assignment, workshop participants must submit a short text/presentation which analyses AI imaginaries based on an individually chosen case:

AI product launch presentation
Movie or TV series
Tech company CEO/entrepreneur interview
Political debate

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The workshop is suitable for beginners.
Max. No. participants: 12

Alisa Maksimova is postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS), Bochum, Germany. Her areas of expertise include interactional sociology, qualitative methodologies, museum studies, and science and technology studies. Alisa’s interests concern studying technology, culture, and social interaction in various contexts. She has investigated human-robot interaction in a call center and has done research on how people explore and make sense of contemporary museum exhibitions. In her current projects Alisa analyses artificial intelligence (AI) narratives in museums and perception of AI.