AI Tools – Continuous Interaction with Computational Intelligence Tools

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek, Universität Bayreuth

Many intelligent systems today run as a “blackbox service” with limited interaction capabilities and thus put humans in a passive role. This is ineffective in solving tasks that benefit from combining human intelligence and computation. Guided by the principle of extending human capabilities instead of replacing them, this project investigates interaction concepts, user interfaces, and interactive intelligent systems that empower people to actively steer AI as a usable tool with continuous impact and feedback. The guiding core principles are continuous interaction, flexible control, and explainability. Important application areas include communication, data analysis, engineering, design, and health. Physical tools have multiplied the capabilities of humans with power sources (e.g. screwdriver vs powerdrill). As a cognitive analogy, we envision future digital tools that empower humans with computation as a source of task-specific intelligence.