We promote exchange about
the future of the digital society

How will humans and machines work together in the future? What challenges will be brought on by artificial intelligence? Where does Germany stand regarding digitalisation compared to the global competition? The digital transformation raises questions that will affect every individual as well as society as a whole.

Through the blog, the bidt provides a forum for researchers from various disciplines and experts from practice to exchange ideas on the topic of digital transformation.


Current topics

912, 2020

Corona, digitalisation and us


The Corona pandemic provides a vivid illustration of what is important as we move towards a digital society: the conditions under which people can and must implement the possibilities of digitalisation in their private and professional life are crucial.

2610, 2020

Responsible Robotics – What could possibly go wrong?


Powerful technologies are being developed that have the potential to transform society. The need for Responsible Innovation is growing. The RoboTIPS project aims to develop a trustworthy system for social robot accident investigation. This includes technologies such as an Ethical Black Box for robots as well as social processes.

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